When love is in the air . . . there is a wedding!!!!


As a special favour I do agree to photograph weddings and they turn out to be joyous events and you meet the nicest people.  It is truly a privilege to share in the special moments of a young couple as they say their “I Do’s”.

My number one criteria as a photographer at a wedding, is that first and foremost everyone has to have F U N.  There is nothing worse than enduring 3 to 5 hours of boring wedding photos . . do this, do that, stand here, now stand there.  It has to be a fun experience for everyone and there has to be L A U G H T E R.  Silliness is part of it and the whole experience should be remembered as a fun time, not boring.

Now for the itty bitty serious part . . . my mantra has always been Capturing Memories and Magic and this applies even more so to the photography of your wedding.  Please  advise  of any special heirlooms that you want photographed or special relationships you have . . . godparents, far flung family, etc.  We need to allow enough time to capture all the special moments and details prior to the wedding ceremony and enough time after the ceremony to capture the special photos you have in mind.

In order to give a memorable experience for both the couple and the photographer, it always helps to have a couple of meetings prior to the wedding.  Every bride and groom have different expectations and each wedding is a unique event.  Please contact me through the online form so that we can set up an appointment or have a telephone conversation to see what fits for your special day.

Check out the galleries for photos of some of the weddings I have attended along with my camera.

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