Susan & Austin


September 22nd . . .. what a beautiful wedding at a gorgeous resort in Northern Saskatchewan.  The marriage ceremony was held in a small country church on the resort . . . reminded me of the church we used to go to in our youth . . . a beautiful bride, a handsome groom, sunlight  streaming through the windows and joyous music, it was truly a bit of heaven on earth.  They were surrounded by loving families and friends and it was a wedding filled with much love, faith, joyous music and tribute to cultural heritage.  The reception was a blast and everyone laughed until they cried.  The bride danced all night and the Ukranian dancers from Prince Albert came to give a special performance for the newly married couple.  The next day everyone was treated to a gorgeous brunch put on by the bride’s family and we all had a great big picnic.



The wedding cake made and decorated by my sister fit in perfectly with the rustic theme of the wedding.  Susan loves sunflowers and displaying the cake on a birch stump was just perfect for the wedding and the location.



Candles encased in bark and homemade jam for everyone to take home were just some of the very personal touches.





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