Sarah & Braden

We have known Braden’s parents since 1990 . . . . Fran and I met at work and we have always lived within walking distance of each other, except for a brief time when they were in Calgary.  I was not the official photographer for this wedding . ..  however I forgot to leave my camera at home and I just couldn’t help myself !!!!!

The marriage ceremony was at St. Josaphat’s in Edmonton . . .. the interior was like what I have seen in Europe . . . absolutely incredible . . . . the weather perked up just as they came out of the church . . . and then proceeded to rain cats and dogs for the rest of the day.  The community hall was beautifully decorated and they definitely transformed it into a fairyland, fit for a Prince and his Bride.

I prepared this book as a gift for the parents of the Groom . . .. just as a keepsake of such a special day for their only child.



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