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I love art . . . . . and consider my camera my paintbrush

I truly believe that this is what one can do with a camera . . .. capturing the memories of today and preserving them for posterity, and every once in awhile the Photography Gods shine down upon you and you are able to capture the Magic of the Moment on film.

Sooo, welcome to my little corner of the world. Some form of art has always been part of my life, along with music, pursuing my artistic passions has always soothed my soul.

Recently retired, and having vowed to make retirement a chapter in my life where I pursue passions that have been left on the shelf during the busy years, it soon became apparent to me that I wanted to make photography a big part of my life again . . . . having not dusted off a camera since the early 1980’s. However, that also meant purchasing all new equipment (big groan from my husband) and embracing all the new technology.

Considerable steep, uphill, learning curve happening here. These last four years have been like going to University as I have tried to escalate the learning curve . . …. it can take a lifetime to learn all this and I am afraid the lifetime will run out before the learning is done!!!!

Consider this an invitation to join me on this journey of learning and sharing the results of painting a picture with a camera.





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