Recife, Brazil 2014

Steeped in history and dating back to the 15th Century, Recife was our fourth stop in Brazil.  It also happened to be where Milton was born and is known as the Venice of South America.  It is situated on the most eastern coastline of South America and from this point it was only a six hour flight to Africa.  Wondered for a minute or two if I should just hop a plane and go . .. I would never be that close again.

The beaches there are incredible.  Recife alone has 7 miles of amazing beach right on the Atlantic Ocean. We also visited a resort the Brazilians refer to as Bora Bora.  I called it Paradise and thought we had arrived at Fantasy Island.  Olinda, an hour’s drive north of Recife, was a vision of colour and culture. It was most likely my best day photographically.  The sun was shining, the sky an azure blue, the ocean glistened and the buildings were rich with colour and history.

This book portrays our visit to this region of Brazil . .. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a tropical retreat.


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