Photographers/Teachers that have inspired me

Bryan Peterson Workshops

Bryan F. Peterson . . . a gifted photographer whose mission is to teach you to see the world with different eyes. If you ever have a chance to take one of his workshops, go for it . . . . you will also meet some of the nicest people when you attend a photography workshop. I have ALWAYS come home from these events with new friends.

Eddie Tapp

Eddie Tapp . . . . a Master Photographer and Master of Light. He has won awards from Canon and Photoshop for his expertise in both areas. Eddie is one of those photographers that gives you confidence you can do it . . . and he is an amazing teacher.

Judy Host

Judy Host . . . a gifted portrait photographer. Her quiet and easy demeanor helps take all the stress out of shooting the human form. Not only is she gifted, but her personal motto is to share what she knows with as many as she can. Spending some quiet time with her helped take away a lot of the fear I had of shooting the human form.

It has been an incredible privilege to have had personal instruction from such knowledgeable and talented photographers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge and lighting the fire within me. You have all left your mark and today my work reflects the nuggets of knowledge that you left with me.

Deborah Sandidge

I met Deborah through an online photography course. Her teaching style is so personal and expansive. The lesson material gives you so many options for your assignments. The critiques she gave were the best any instructor from an online course has ever given . . .. your ego/dignity is never crushed . . she points out what could improve a photo and which one you blew out of the park. Thoroughly impressed.

Sue Bryce

Sue Bryce . . .  a photographer from Australia that shared so much during a Creative Live weekend. People from around the world watched as she shared her 22 years of knowledge on how to shape and sculpt the human form in order to let the inner and outer beauty shine. It was the most amazing weekend and we watched her take ordinary women through the metamorphosis that transformed their outer image of themselves and in turn illuminated their souls. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house and anyone sitting at the computer watching was profoundly moved.

Creative Live

Cannot speak highly enough of Creative Live. They are based out of Seattle and their mission is to educate photographers, bringing in all sorts of guests for three day weekends that teach and inspire. You can watch the events live, and I would highly recommend, purchasing the recordings of the seminars prior to and during the weekend for $99 . . . .how many weekend conferences can you go to for that kind of money and watch, re-watch, pause, rewind and watch again. Best money you will ever spend . . . .seriously . .. .   you don’t even have to get out of your pajamas. Check them out . .. .. they have huge talent coming to visit . . ..





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