Jasmine & Tony’s Wedding Book

Prepared this wedding album for Jasmine & Tony. Jasmine is a colleague of mine when I go back to Manulife to backfill for vacations, etc.  The official photographer and the author of the bulk of these photos was Michael Shandro of Shandro Photo in Edmonton, however as my camera never leaves my side, there is a sprinkling of some of  my work throughout.  It was hard to select which photos to showcase, and the album ended up being 99 pages.  Whew . . .   The engagement photos at the beginning and the food photography at the reception are my work, knowing that I would be preparing this album.  All the retouching and artistic work is my creation.  Here is a link to the finished product which was printed on silk finish paper and was absolutely gorgeous.

This book was my wedding gift to Jasmine & Tony.


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