A fellow photographer and the daughter of another photographer, Janice C.  Janice and I met at a Bryan Peterson Workshop here in Edmonton, June 2010.  She is such a gentle soul and we soon discovered that we were kindred spirits on many levels.  She too has been adopted as a “sister”.  Love having all these sisters.

Courtney and I met at Stephanie’s wedding . . it is a convoluted world, isn’t it.  She is bubbly, full of fun and just a joy to be around.  When I was taking photos for her website, we laughed so hard, we almost forgot to take the photos.  She was all dressed up in her pearls and polka dots (which is the name of her website) and was getting whistles and proposals of many kinds from the young men at the Legislature!!!!!

Here are some of the results of that evening.  Smokin’ hot is about all I have to say!!!!

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