Beijing, China 2016

The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City

This was always Lynnwood’s dream trip . .. I had reservations and apprehensions . .. right up until we arrived . . . and yes the smog in Beijing is like yellow pea soup . . . however, it was one amazing, gruelling, intense, and profoundly moving adventure.  Having had many other amazing journeys, it is hard to rank and compare, but I have to say that on a soul level, this one affected me the most.

To learn about the Chinese culture, family values and traditions from the people that actually live there, and are passionate about their history, was both inspiring and educational.  We Westerners have a lot to learn about family structure and for sure we don’t have it all right at that level.

There appears to be a very harmonious blend between Communisn and Capitalism . . . . and it works for them.  Other than a very obvious presence of the military and police in Beijing . . . and security was heightened due to the National Congress meetings, and the internet restrictions, you certainly didn’t feel that you were under surveillance all the time like I did in Russia . .. albeit that was in the 80’s . . and much has changed since then.

I will attempt to share some of the amazing memories and visual reminders that we have taken home with us.

I am linking up with Lisa Kerner of Life Thru the Lens, a community of artists that are committed to sharing their passions.


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  • Lisa Kerner

    How did I not know you had a blog Carolyn. Sorry I missed that. But now I know I can visit you here :-D. I look forward to reading more about your trip.

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