Hillwood Museum, Washington, DC 2015

My love of history dates back to my teens, when, because of family lineage, I became extremely interested in the Romanov Dynasty. In my early thirties I had the opportunity to visit Russia, which at that time was under Soviet domain and interestingly enough during the Faulkland’s crises. The works of Faberge, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and others stirred my soul and I was forever changed. To see their works with my own eyes and not just read about them was profound.

The interest in Hillwood stems from the research and reading that I did after the trip to St. Petersburg and it is then that I learned that the Hillwood Museum owned by Marjorie Merriweather Post housed the largest collection of Russian art outside of Russia. Thus the bucket list started. Today I had the good fortune to visit the mansion and to view her magnificent collection of Cartier jewellery.

She was the heiress to Post Foods, which eventually became General Foods, and at 27 was one of the most powerful women in America, having inherited the corporation. She was at one time married to Joseph Davies who was the American Ambassador to the Soviet Union. It was during this period of her life that she started her pursuit of Russian and later on French antiquities. Her daughter is the actress Dina Merrill and her niece is Barbara Hutton. Forgive the history lesson, however, I always think that having the background puts photographs into context. I am done now!!!

The very elegant, beautiful and gracious Marjorie Merriweather Post.


Photos of the interior . .. .


The exquisite dining and breakfast rooms . . .


The gorgeous Christmas decorations were still up. Nice to see that others love Christmas as much as I do.


The Romanov Room containing many antiquities including the coronation crown of Queen Alexandra when she wed Nicholas II. Also housed a couple of Faberge Eggs, some chalices, icons and the vestment robes of the priests.  Priceless.


The kitchen and butler’s pantry were to die for and were extremely well outfitted for the era and still would stand the test of time. The butler’s pantry had a huge safe in it to house all the silverware and there was a call bell system not unlike that of Downton Abbey.


The front foyer showcases amazing portraits of the Romanov dynasty. They are exquisite and priceless.


Mrs. Post loved pink . . . her bathroom and bedroom reflect this.

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