Victoria, BC Walkabout 2014


We always enjoy strolling around the City we are visiting, especially since I always carry a camera.  You never know a City until you walk it and if you want decent photos,  you have to walk.  This time, especially during the festive season and the weather being incredibly mild, it was especially delightful. Imagine, December and flowers are in bloom.


We were situated very closed to the Legislative Assembly Buildings.  I always like to compare the different architecture.


It is always interesting to view the various street sculptures.


The weather improved somewhat towards the middle of the afternoon.  After three very gloomy and misty days it was nice to see the sun again. Christmas Festivities were just starting to get into full swing and we missed one glorious parade by just a few hours.



The skies opened up just in time to see the harbour bathed in low afternoon light.  Always magical for me.


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