Bard & Banker, Victoria, BC 2014


We always love to walk the area of the City where we are staying.  With being right downtown in Victoria, this was especially delightful.  It had been over 25 years since we had been there, so it was interesting to trace the tracks of our previous walks, and to see what had changed and what had not.

Victoria is really reminiscent of a small City set in Britain and there is very much a British flair to the culture.  One of the stores I spent way too much time in so many years ago was The Christmas Store.  It has now changed hands and purposes.  It is now called Bard & Banker and serves as a very upscale watering hole/local pub.  It is exceptionally spacious, has a huge bar that is incredibly well stocked and has old fashioned personalized service.  The tasty lunch was served in a very attractive manner.  It is obviously very well received by all who enter as it was extremely busy even at late lunch time.

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