Fairhaven, WA 2014

We spent the most lovely day exploring Fairhaven, the older district and a suburb of Bellingham, Washington State. Charming and quaint, it is home to stately homes and unique shopping experiences.  Loved the whole day from visiting the wharf, shopping in the Culinary store, having tea and walking the wharf and having coffee at sunset.

When visiting an area I do like to capture everyday people going about their day.  I am not a big fan of posed photos that somehow always appear to be contrived.

At any rate these are some candid moments captured throughout the day. An elderly gentleman having a nap in the warm sunlight on the wharf, a man in suspenders purchasing a paper (reminded me of my Dad), a gorgeous young woman posing for her husband (that’s kind of ambush), Lynnwood conversing with a statue, a frocked gentleman helping a blind man, and a young lady scampering down an embankment.


The Wharf area at Fairhaven . . .. what a gorgeous area with a boardwalk that most likely stretched for 3/4 mile or so. I will always gravitate towards wharves, boardwalks, marinas and water wherever we visit. Find the water so peaceful.


Strolling around the village there were so many reminders of another era and the love the preservation of the old brick buildings and wrought iron.



You just never knew what you were going to find when you were prowling around.  Turning the corning and strolling down an alley served to provide us with many wonderful surprises. Dropped into the Culinary shop and started to drool . . .. a feast for the eyes and sensory overload.  I LOVE kitchen shops. Another vice of mine is the collection of beautiful dishes . . .. .Lynn’s pacemaker was starting to work overtime!! as he always tries to steer me away from such shops.


Whilst walking through the downtown area, we came upon this sign in one of the shops . . . . perrrfect.



I will always gravitate towards the historic buildings. Love that so much has been preserved and the essence of the area does not have the big city feel.

One of the most delightful traditions that has been handed down since Queen Victoria is to partake of Afternoon Tea. During our stroll through Fairhaven we meandered into a very interesting alley way and stumbled upon this charming little tea shop. We stopped and savoured the afternoon and all the pleasures that go with tea.


There are some very stately homes in this area . . .. I think this one would look particularly good on me . . ..



Such a beautiful day so we drove through some more of the area and then took a short drive on Chukanut Drive . . peaceful with canopy covers of trees and sighting of the water as you drove the windy road.


Back to the wharf to catch the sunset and enjoy a leisurely stroll on the boardwalk complete with a cuppa coffee and chatting with various folk at the coffee shop.



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