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Soo the Manulife girls will be happy to hear that it is pouring rain here and a little on the cool side.  I may not have packed the right clothes and have to go shopping . . yuck! The hotel lobby is a photographer’s dream and so well done . .. so if you can’t […]

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  • Betty Rudachyk

    How wonderful for you and Amy to not only meet, but to spend time getting to know and truly appreciate each other as women as well as artists! The rain sounds like it was a hidden blessing….slowed you down and allowed you to draw inward. A beautiful post, Carolyn!ReplyCancel

  • Carolyn Dykas

    A path is always behind the open door, just need to be brave enough to walk through it. You never knew , when you picked up the camera, what lay behind that door- sicess, failure, elation, frustration, joy,doldrums… all part of life and learning. The people we pick up along the way are more often than not there when you need picking up ! Lifestyle, ethnicity, age- doesn’t matter at all. xoxoxReplyCancel

Soooo today was a very interesting day. After a wonderful breakfast and great visit with our hosts and the other guests, we headed out looking for the covered bridges. Wanted to introduce my new camera to them! Some were now fully restored and that was neat to see but Lynn advised me that if I […]

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  • Betty

    It looks like your camera and the covered bridges got along beautifully! The library/coffee shop looks wonderfully inviting and your driving through the rain with some sparks in the car made me laugh!!ReplyCancel

What a glorious day . . . now those of you still in Edmonton will cringe when you read this as I understand it is much cooler there now.  We had a fabulous breakfast at the Best Western in Federal Way . . .. sometimes Groupons are good . .. this was one of those […]

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  • Betty Lawrence

    Wow!! Looks sooo beautiful…..lush and green! The B & B looks very comfy!ReplyCancel

  • Lynnwood

    It was a wonderful day.ReplyCancel

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