Day 35 . . . . Safely Home & Reflections

Home at last . . . . . and although I never want to come home as I haven’t seen enough yet . .. ever . .. it is good to be in your own bed and your own home. After all, there is no place like home.

We had fabulous weather 99 percent of the time and we thoroughly enjoyed our visits with Amy & Dan, Mildred & Rodger and Carolyn D.  We also had many happenstance visits with people that we met along the way.  A family from Tennessee comes to mind as two young men . . maybe 12 and 14 . . .insisted that with a camera like mine I really needed to climb this one particular rock face and they would help me and make sure I took the best route.  Now Billy Goat is NOT my middle name and athletic I am NOT, and nor have I ever wanted to be, however I will do almost anything to get a good photo.  There are so many wonderful people that you meet on a journey and it just gives you back your faith in the goodness of humanity.

Have discovered that I truly love the warmth and love the ease of being in warm weather and not having to bundle up! . . . completely understand the Snowbird concept now.

We saw so many places that we have never been and revisited a few that we have fond memories of.  My rationale was that I needed to introduce my camera to these places.  Would love to spend more time in the Napa Valley, San Francisco and Hearst Castle.  The California coast was spectacular, just like the Oregon Coast. And, we just loved our little piece of Italy at Shadow Ridge.  What a gorgeous resort. We had amazing accommodations and wonderful  interactions with various resort staff. Lynn drove 8,533.3 km so we covered a lot of highway. Love roadtrips.

I cannot pick my favourite photo from the journey . . .every place we went was unique and beautiful in its own way.

Now to seriously plan for our trip to South America . . .. need to strengthen my core muscles or Machu Pichu will get the best of me and I do understand that to get the best photos you do need to CLIMB above the ruins in order to get a more aerial view.  Like I said, a billy goat I am not.

Thanks for sharing the journey with us.


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  • Betty Lawrence

    Welcome home! Your trip looked and sounded incredible! Enjoy sleeping in your own bed!ReplyCancel

  • Amy Jensen

    So grateful to spend some time with you and Lynn on your journey! Just loved our time together, Carolyn! You’re like a sista to me now! xoxo ReplyCancel

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