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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Our last day in the USA. We spent the night at Great Falls at the Hampton Inn . .. this time FREE using points. Love free!!

We have only ever driven through Great Falls and have not stayed there or poked around to see what it was about. This time we decided to do both. An early start and then we prowled around to see some of the falls and the countryside. It is not a large city . .. about 56,000 people and the Missouri River runs through it. There is a lot of information available here about the early exploration and the Lewis and Clark expeditions. As my grandfather was a pioneer in young Saskatchewan I have always been interested in what kind of gumption it took to settle a new and formidable land.

Here are some photos of the falls for which the City gets it name for . . .


We then took a drive through the countryside to visit the most spectacular of the falls, Ryan’s Falls, and the most gorgeous sky opened up before us . . . .


Once we got to the falls, we were witness to the blazing colours of fall against the grey blue sky . .. Mother Nature is indeed splendid . . .


Soo glad we took the time to explore just a little bit . . .

That brings the journey to a close . . .

What is the last thing a Canadian does just before going through Customs . . .. fill up the gas tank . . . check

What is the first thing a Canadian does upon leaving Customs and getting back on Canadian soil . . . go to Tim Hortons . . . . check

We spent a wonderful evening with family in Calgary . . . Mildred and Rodger had prepared a beautiful dinner for us and a nice warm bed . . .

And this is southern Alberta . . . The Master Painter is truly the Master of All . . .

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  • lynnwood

    Greqt breakfast at the Hampton Inn visited Black River Falls the first of 5 falls on the missouri river which are now 4 power plants. This one happens to be the first hydroelectric plant in montana and the city of Great falls second name of Electric city next down to Rainbow falls which was only about a 1 mile away a railway bridge was built first there (a information sign had a picture of the bridge and the falls which looked really neat). Ryan falls was the most spectacular which has very high cliffs and a neat island (which was closed), would have been nice to walk around and take some pictures.
    had a slight accident when a lens i was carrying (not very good) fell out of my pocket and rolled a few meters down the hill. At the border there were 2 lines for cars and of course I picked the slowest one, but the border agent gave us a pass and off to CalgaryReplyCancel

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