Day 30 . . . . Done in

October 16th, 2013

We had “failure to launch” issues today . .. both of us.  I especially just couldn’t seem to get anything perking for me.  We have walked and walked and walked the strip and not used the bus except for once, and that is definitely another story that will be told in another posting.  I finally thought I should go capture a reflection I spotted late last night . . . . new reflecting old . .. The ultra modern Hilton which is a very linear looking structure, very flat and broad, with not a lot of depth and fully glassed showcasing the reflection of the Marriott Chateau which is more of an olde worlde structure was quite neat I thought.

DSC_3421 DSC_3425

The artwork that graces Polo Towers is just so elegant and lovely. Have been meaning to take a photo of this very large 3 dimensional sculpture that is hanging in the lobby to the elevators.


That’s it folks . .. going to try for the Valley of Fire tomorrow morning . . .. I doubt that Red Rock Canyon will be opened by the time we leave . . . pretty silly . . . Carolyn D. went out there yesterday and there they were . . .. guards making sure that intruders didn’t intrude . .. not getting paid and sitting there turning away people and revenue. Don’t think that prevents folks from crawling through fences down the road though. Jus’ sayin’.

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  • lynnwood

    great photos I was in fine form working the bus system in las vegas very interesting I meet two people in a row that had never rode the bus before either go figure just wanted some info from them had to walk and walk and walk felt a lot like our saturdays walk back home did manage to find what i was looking for and only took 4 hours.ReplyCancel

  • Betty

    I LOVE your ‘New Reflecting Old’ photos! They are awesome! Hope you are getting some rest between all of your walking jaunts!ReplyCancel

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