Day 28 . . . . Hoover Dam

October 14th, 2013

I have decided I don’t herd well. We did a tour to the Hoover Dam . . . which in itself is just spectacular and an amazing engineering feat to conquer the forces of Mother Nature developed in the thirties. However, being given a limited amount of time to tour and “see” and get my artistic mojo running doesn’t seem to work for me.  I don’t like drive-by photo opportunities. That being said, I am glad we went as I have always wanted to see inside this amazing man made structure and to learn a bit more about the behind the scenes story.


The mighty Colorado River . . .

In photospeak this was the perfect f/16 day . .. bright sun and you couldn’t help but get sun flare in your photos.


Down in the pits where the work is done . . pretty amazing actually.


Lynn captured this photo and I am so glad he did. It speaks volumes and is a tribute to men who helped build the dam and those that lost their lives. It is named The Cliff Hangers. He couldn’t go down into the pits due to his pacemaker possibly having issues with electromagnetic energy fields that are present.

Here are some of the photos Lynn took while we were in the pits.

At the end of day we stopped at the M & M factory to see their actual production line. They also have an amazing nature preserve adjacent to their property.

Came home and floppped . . .. literally.

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