Day 25 . . . . Off to Vegas

Up early and finish packing the car. We obviously have too much food and wine as there is getting to be less and less room for us.

Checked out by 9 and then stopped to take photos of the iguanas that grace the walkway and then of the very elegant architecture inside the front lobby.

2013-10-12_0001 2013-10-12_0002


Lynn then very kindly took me to see the massive sculpture of Marilyn Monroe which is a fairly recent addition to the Palm Springs landscape.. . . .she was causing quite a stir and you had to get in line to take photos. A busy little corner. The reason this sculpture is in Palm Springs is that she was discovered here. It was quite interesting to watch as everyone surreptitiously took a peek under her flaring skirt to check and see if indeed she was wearing undergarments. (She was!). It was quite funny to watch actually. So this little collage is all about Marilyn . ..


And this photo is all about Lynn and Marilyn . .. gives you an idea of the massiveness of this sculpture

On the road again to Las Vegas. Looking forward to going back and catching what we missed last time. My camera will be kept very busy. There is just so much to see there. We have to go and see at least one show as we have been hauling around good dress up clothes for a month and they haven’t ever made it out of the bag . . . Not even once. It is a lovely fall day with the car indicating that it is 21C out . . . Feels much warmer in the sun.

It was time to stop for a bite to eat. Just happened upon a place called Baja Fresh. Definitely a good pick. The food was delicious and fresh. I had a mango chipotle salad with shrimp . . . Almost licked the plate . . . Yep it was that good. Lynn had a burrito. I have never seen one that big.

Very heavy traffic on the I-15. Lots of trucks and everyone in a big rush to get somewhere. People passing on the shoulders of the road and in truck only lanes. Certainly have to keep your wits about you. I helped Lynn a lot!!! Not sure he was that thankful.

Here are some photos of our digs for the week . .. pretty nice . . .. Polo Towers . . . great location and no casino which is wonderful as the smell of smoke here actually makes your chest hurt . . ..

The view from our 15th floor suite just as the sun was going to go to bed . . ..

Went for a 2 hour walk on the strip . . . as far as the Bellagio and back . . .. oh my . .. my feet are burning and my back is so sore . . . need to strengthen those core muscles . . .. just some candid photos from the walkabout . . .. over the top, sensory overload and utter decadence . . . and the hordes of people dancing, drinking, and smoking just amazes me . … saw one fellow that put a whole new meaning to “three sheets to the wind” as Mother used to say.

The Bellagio is really quite something . . .. all of these photos were taken with my little camera . . it did a pretty good job of night time photography . ..

The little garden area is decorated up to the nines for each season . . this time it is for autumn with a touch of Halloween thrown in . .. which is a great big deal down here . … love the vibrant colour combinations . .. purple/orange/lime green/surreal blue

Lobby grandeur . . .. just spectacular . ..

And that my friends is the end of a very full day . . complete with sore feet and sorer back!!!

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  • Michelle Krumm

    Great photo of Dad with Marilyn! I hope you guys really enjoy your time in Vegas even with sore feet and back:)ReplyCancel

  • Betty

    Wow! Love your pictures! That Marilyn statue looks awesome and Lynnwood was certainly well positioned in that photo op! 🙂
    The colors in the garden are spectacular! Wow!
    I hope your back and feet have recuperated!ReplyCancel

  • lynnwood

    planned to leave by 9 am however things change picturesof the office and some of the grounds before u know it an hour has passed, off to downtown palm springs to marilyn picture a whole lots of pictures for one big gal, she is only in palm springs till the end of the year. On the road to las vegas it is always surprizeingto find traffic at a stand still on on interstate highway but figured it was truck passing truck. finally time for a stop in barstow ca really good and into vegas after 5 hours (the girl at the timeshare said 3.5 hours) guess am slowReplyCancel

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