Day 23 . . . . Another low key day

October 9th, 2013

First light around 7 a.m. . . .. the sun is just starting to peek through. They are grooming the golf course now so there has been a lot of activity going on.  The overseeding is done and now they are watering.

First light

First light

A leisurely day every now and then just feels decadent.  Lynn went for his usual walk and then we had breakfast.  Checked out what the feds are up to . .. nothing . .. in my opinion. Had a siesta . . . . I am thinking that would be good for every day. The Latin cultures sure know what they are doing in that regard.

Went to the camera shop to get my sensor cleaned . . . it was well overdue. Came home with the point and shoot . .. sorta . . for our South America trip. Lovely little camera that is hardly any weight at all, especially compared to my D4. It is a Leica V-Lux 4 with f/2.8 throughout and goes from 28 mm to 400mm so that gives me good range . . exactly what I was looking for . . .. good telephoto range and f/2.8 throughout. Now I have some more learning to do!!!

Then, lo and behold, we found the pie shop we went to last time . . it is indeed Sherman’s but another location about 2 miles from our place. I guess we had the right church but the wrong pew the other day. Here are some practice photos with the new camera.

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  • Betty

    Lovely, lovely lazy days!! Those desserts look incredible!ReplyCancel

  • Lucille Lamb

    You have seen some wonderful sites. Glad you have been able to rest, relax and visit as well. Safe travels home.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Krumm

    It’s a good thing Aryana DOESN’T work there!!! We’d all be 600 pounds:)ReplyCancel

  • lynnwood

    It sprinkled today a bit of a cool day and a very lazy dayReplyCancel

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