Day 20 . . . Dates for lunch, 1,000 Palms & The Tram

October 6th, 2013

What a full day we had.  Gorgeous weather starting with coffee on the patio. Then off to the Date Farm for the most delightful lunch. Brenda & Don had taken us here a couple of years ago and we just HAD to pass it on. It is such a unique hidden treasure behind a very unassuming building, however the food they serve is to die for.

Then on to visit 1000 Palms and to see the San Andreas fault line . . one does hope it does not decide to collide while one is there!! Soo quiet in the enclosure, although it was hotter than HADES. Within a few minutes I had tan lines on my feet outlining my sandals.

We were looking for a pie place that we had visited last time we were here, but it would appear to have been a victim of the recession. Paid Bristol Farms a visit to show Rodger and Mildred an amazing grocery store with unbelievable merchandising. Really neat to just prowl around in there and ended up purchasing the most delicious cheddar cheese . .. I sampled a lot, so thought I had better buy some!!!

We wanted to get our bearings so that we could go on the Tram on Monday . . .. we took the scenic route . . . .. and then after finding it went on up the hill and decided to just go there seeing as how we were there anyway. It was 40 degrees cooler at the top . .. ie 63F. Spectacular views and the sky was turning pink as we left.

Rodger and Mildred treated us to dinner at the Tuscan Grill . .. fabulous food . . would highly recommend it . . . even for a celiac. We then went for an evening stroll to see the shop displays, enjoy the beautiful weather, and enjoy all the twinkling lights which finished off a perfect day . . .. came home and we all crashed immediately!!

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  • lynnwood

    Shields date farm is much improved over the last time we were here. Food delicious, also very informative movie about the growing and harvesting of the date. The wooden bridges at the Nature Centre is a great improvement and the Pan Washington palms are really different from the ones in the valley. Could have spent more time at the top of the tram but it was too late in the evening. Just a perfect night for a stroll downtown.ReplyCancel

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