Day 18 . . .. Reagan Library & off to Shadow Ridge

October 4th, 2013

Windy, gale force winds today.  Now I am no lightweight and I had to stand firm to take photos or I was at serious risk of being toppled.  Lynn said he was feeling it as well.  Sooooooo, because the Feds down here can’t play nice all federal operations have ground to a screeeeeeeeaching halt including all presidential libraries and even the Grand Canyon for gawd’s sake.   Now I always thought that the man upstairs created that masterpiece, however what do I know.  After having a brief chat with some folks down here we thought it would certainly speed things up if congress didn’t get paid while this was on, ’cause in my humble opinion they are not exactly an essential service at the moment and they are certainly not serving the people.  I think things would get fixed pretty quickly then.

So we did get to see the exterior of the library and the grounds and Air Force one.  That is it.

We spent the rest of the afternoon getting to Shadow Ridge for the 4 o’clock check-in..  Thank gawd for Mrs. Garmin getting us out of that maze.  Seven lanes of traffic going every which way.  Had we not had lots of experience when we were on our three month journey I think this would have been overwhelming and Lynn would not have had ANY hair left at all.  At any rate we are here safe and sound and enjoying our delightful suite at Shadow Ridge which we purchased in 2007 and have been trading for different resorts all over the place, but have not come back to stay.  It really is 5 star.  Just thrilled with the accommodations..  The first photo is the outside view in front of Rodger and Mildred’s suite.

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  • lynnwood

    Wonderful view of the valley at Reagan’s Library. Nice to see a good hunk of the Berlin Wall. Air Force One big but I think I enjoyed the Irish pub just as much.ReplyCancel

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