Day 16 . . . . . How plans can change in an instant

October 2nd, 2013

The one thing I have learned is that you can make a very good plan and then the US government shuts down and the federally run Reagan library is closed to the public.  Soooooo what to do when even your hotel reservation that is already paid for is made around this plan.  We gave up a day in San Fran and headed down the coast on Highway 1 and will visit Hearst castle instead.  Have also wanted to see this but didn’t think we could work it in.   Soooooo to make lemonade out of lemons we headed down the Pacific Coast Highway for a wonderful scenic drive somewhat like the Oregon coast. We will try to get as close to San Simeon as we can today.

Did spend a couple hours on the way through San Fran this morning in order for me to get the golden gate bridge shot I wanted.  Walked about 2 miles this morning but don’t be getting any ideas that I am going to come home looking like twiggy cause nothing has happened yet!

Wonderful artwork made out of scrap metal located in Christy park at the base of the bridge. Of course nothing there was open so no morning coffee there. Geeeez I wish those guys would just figure out how to play nice and serve the people instead of all their grandstanding.

Anyway, here are some of the photos that tell the story of today.

So the sticker shock of a hotel in San Fran gave Lynn’s pacemaker a wee bit of a jolt and it had to kick start again. . …  Holy cow . . .I never said I wanted to buy a hotel . . . just sleep there and borrow some towels and pillows and things.

So down south we go and quit for the day at Monterey. Picked the Marriott and for comparison purposes it was a steal of a deal.  However not enough to go out for dinner so we had a little picnic in our room compete with a glass of wine. Tasty and cheap and we didn’t have to go out again as we were both tired.


Checked the photos and went to bed  . . . . .long day tomorrow

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  • Betty

    This was a mighty fine serving of lemonade!! Gotta love those unplanned adventures!ReplyCancel

  • lynnwood

    A fine twisted road to get your mo jo running.ReplyCancel

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