Day 15 . . . . The Streets of San Francisco 2013

October 1st, 2013

What a gorgeous day it turned out to be.  In fact I might have gotten a wee bit burned. Had to visit the Napa River again before we went to San Francisco.


Being in a limo is the only way to go.  We had an excellent driver so knowing where to go and how to get there saved a whole lot of headaches.  We  stopped at Treasure Island and then carried on to Twin Peaks to get the best view of the city and the surrounds.

Then around to see the sights and the painted ladies . . . .

and then through the Chinese district.

Took as many photos as I could in the few minutes we were  allowed at each stop.  That is the only drawback.  Definitely need to come back.  We had a short opportunity to visit the Cable Car Museum.

Had a lovely lunch at Neptunes that we shared and that made the portions perfect. Even had a beer.  Boy I am really stepping out in style these days.

Some of the sights at Pier 39 . . .. .

The only purchase I made was a filter.   Sorta like hd sunglasses for my camera.  Off to Ghiradelli  Square to capture some photos.  Remembered that spot from 22 years ago although last time we had more time.  Probably walked 3 miles today which is nothing for Lynn but quite a step up for me.

Walked down the crookedest street . . .. now that is a workout for the calf muscles . . .

OMG . .. the Palace of Fine Arts . .. my camera went nutso . . ..

Then we had a brief stop at a lookout for the Golden Gate Bridge . .. . this is not the location I had in mind for photographing the bridge . .. I wanted to capture more of the structure and from ground level . . however took advantage of what we had in 10 minutes . . I was given strict orders not to stray!!!

The ride back in the limo was leisurely and lovely . .. thoroughly enjoyed our travel mates and the driver had wine chilling for us for the ride home.  It was just a lovely day all the way around.

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  • Betty

    We are planning a trip to San Fran, sometime in the future. This post made me so excited and sealed the deal, in wanting to go! The painted ladies are so lovely!ReplyCancel

  • lynnwood

    San Francisco – what a beautiful city from the Bay Bridge (just opened), the naval yards, the amazing sights in Chinatown to the cable car museum -so many things to see. The famous Painted Ladies (the only houses left standing after the 1906 earthquake), the crookedest street in the world – only walked about half way down,the sea lions at Pier 39 -just a noisy as ever, nice walk to have ice cream at Ghirardelli. I shared a lemon yougurt with Carolyn but she didn’t like that flavour. The view from Twin Peaks truly is the best. The Golden Gate Park closed due to shutdown (I might never forget October 1, 2013). The picture taking opportunities at the Palace of Fine Arts was very beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Amy Jensen

    Awwwww …. you’re so close to me again!! Miss you!! SF looked beautiful! xoxoReplyCancel

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