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I think I invented a new word . . .. driveabout . ..  . Crocodile Dundee used to say he was going for a walkabout . .. today we went for a driveabout!! Still taking it leisurely and this really does for the first time in my life feel like a vacation and not a […]

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  • Betty

    Your ‘deaf & deafer’ imagery made me laugh!! Now it is my turn to drool…..the food looks amazing!ReplyCancel

  • lynnwood

    very interesting drive hoped to see some wild horses in the pass but not today, Some 20 mph curves or switchbacks. Pulled over to let a few cars by as i was going slow.ReplyCancel

Promised myself that I was not going to make this a photo marathon everyday and that I would actually take time to rest.  Being true to myself that is exactly what we both did today, although Lynn stepped out for a few more groceries. That being said, I did find my fingers itchin’ to pick […]

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  • Betty Rudachyk

    Your restful resort looks and sounds incredible! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the close up of the wheel hub!!ReplyCancel

  • Lucille Lamb

    Makes me feel nostalgic about some of the old farm equipment at our farm So glad you are getting a chance to rest and relax a bit, and at the same time enjoy your passion for photography AND history. ReplyCancel

  • Ryan John Hawkins

    Great pictures and looks like a lovely place to visit! Enjoy!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Krumm

    Love the wheel hubs! Glad you took some time to rest:)ReplyCancel

  • Brenda Woloshyn

    Just so beautiful & very peaceful & quiet….ReplyCancel

  • lynnwood

    terrific pictures there are much better than in real lifeReplyCancel

Just hanging out today and catching some rays . . . have to come home with a bit of colour!!! Had a lovely omelette breakfast and then needed a morning nap . . . life is tough on vacation!! Lynn went and got the essentials for groceries . .. wine and cheese . . . […]

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  • Betty Rudachyk

    Wine, cheese, breathtaking views, harrowing drives and each other to share it with….sounds like a perfect day, minus that nasty headache! Your photos are awesome!!ReplyCancel

  • Ana Rafaela Mendes Gomes

    Glad you’re safe and having a good time. You’d better check what you can take for your headache in Peru. Love you.ReplyCancel

  • The resort looks gorgeous.ReplyCancel

  • Lynnwood

    Thanks for doing thisReplyCancel

Soo the Manulife girls will be happy to hear that it is pouring rain here and a little on the cool side.  I may not have packed the right clothes and have to go shopping . . yuck! The hotel lobby is a photographer’s dream and so well done . .. so if you can’t […]

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  • Betty Rudachyk

    How wonderful for you and Amy to not only meet, but to spend time getting to know and truly appreciate each other as women as well as artists! The rain sounds like it was a hidden blessing….slowed you down and allowed you to draw inward. A beautiful post, Carolyn!ReplyCancel

  • Carolyn Dykas

    A path is always behind the open door, just need to be brave enough to walk through it. You never knew , when you picked up the camera, what lay behind that door- sicess, failure, elation, frustration, joy,doldrums… all part of life and learning. The people we pick up along the way are more often than not there when you need picking up ! Lifestyle, ethnicity, age- doesn’t matter at all. xoxoxReplyCancel

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