Day 14 . . . . Napa Valley & the Castle

September 30, 2013

Magic . . . .today was pure magic. The resort invited everyone for breakfast and then an information session, which truly was just that . . . . not a sales presentation in disguise.  We chose to do a limo ride to San Fran tomorrow . . . .I will have to pinch myself  . . . .  A limo ride with some of the other guests here  . . . . . Have never had one before and this way Lynn gets to enjoy the scenery and not worry about negotiating  steep hills and the San Fran parking which is non-existent.

First stop was to get a bit of a picnic lunch to take with us for the journey.  It was a step back in time to the Woolworth’s counter in Lloydminster.  The smells were divine . . . everything is baked on site and then the lunch counter adds a whole new dimension to the experience.


Today we chose to drive up the Napa Valley and visit a castle that happens to also produce amazing wines.  I could write pages about this experience.. Suffice it to say it was one of the most glorious days I have ever had.  Picture this . . . .a dark and boding sky with a hint of rain to come, a spectacular valley with rolling hills covered in vineyards.  Then you reach the castle which was recreated in a completely authentic manner from the way the old castles in Italy were built.  Even the nails were hand forged.  The minutest detail has been replicated including the moat and drawbridge, the holes for pouring boiling oil on you if you are an enemy trying to barge through the doorway.  The keyhole openings for photographers …. oh right it was for the archers to shoot  their crossbows at the enemy.  Like I said I could go on and on.  Here is a link to more information. Castello di Amarosa

It was a photographers paradise.  While we were on the  tour and  wine tasting it rained and we came out of the castle to the low rays of the sun, a gorgeous sky with low hanging clouds and glistening foliage everywhere.


The trip home was like a slice of heaven.  Oh and the wine tasting was very informative and educational.  The last one we tasted should have been named Nectar of the Gods.  Unbelievable.  I would have purchased a bottle in a heartbeat but my conscience, aka Lynnwood,  looked at me with a very stern face and said NO.    Sigh.


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  • lynnwood

    Started the trip with a trip to the pink striped bldg which has very generous helpings. The place was full so we knew we had a winner. Not an awful lot for someone who is gluten intolerant. Took off from Napa and headed for the Castle. Amazing when we got there . . . a real old castle that was just opened in 2007, complete with hand forged nails, locks, hinges etc. They hand pick the grapes . . . no machinery here. They harvest the fields up to three times. Their wine is only sold at the castle and I think very good. While walking with the wine to the car I tripped over the highest stake defining the walk way – went flying but the wine we bought was saved. The castle is complete even with a simulated attack of conquers and broken turrets. We saw a dungeon with a rack of iron, a hot seat and a pit for storing prisoners. Also the castle has a moat and a draw bridge. Would recommend to anyone. The underground part of the castle is four levels deep.ReplyCancel

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