Day 12 . . . Candy Fest, etc.

Omg it was a blast and we didn’t get to see all of it as we HAVE to go to Virginia City today as we leave the area tomorrow.

Took the shuttle in to Genoa to get there before 9.  By 11 it was elbow to elbow EVERYWHERE.   Susan Anne you would have thought you had died and gone to heaven.  Now Lynn on the other hand enjoyed himself about as much as Austin, whilst I was beaming from ear to ear.  Even had a couple of things accidentally pop into my carry bag!   Oooh what pretties! Photo opportunities everywhere you turned around. The goods for sale are all juried so it was an amazing variety of very well and hand made offerings.  Here are some photos of some of the wares available . .. the lineup for the candy was 3 blocks long . .. .soo we didn’t get any.  Now these guys know how to put on a Country Fair . ..

See this lovely little purse . .. the one to the uppper left . .. first thing you know it was in my carry bag.


Some of the Vendors and just general street photography.  Live musical entertainment that made you want to dance in the streets . .

Sooooo . .. hold on to your hats . . this will be me in a few years.  When I stopped and asked her if I could take her photo, and she graciously with spunk said yes and then passed on to me a nugget of wisdom . .. at her age you could also spit in the street if you wanted to!!!!  Loved it . ..


Went prowling around behind the scenes . . . .

The weather is lovely today . . . 19C and getting warmer  off to Virginia city to see the old Wild West era and a few thousand Harley Davidson’s  . . It is Street Vibrations happening the last weekend of September and thousands gather from all over the place.  For the whole last week we have been seeing clusters of bikes and their riders . . .like 30 at a time.  I guess it is a big deal here. Certainly good for the economy of the area that’s for sure.  I think I would like to go to Virginia City when the bikers aren’t there.  The noise was deafening . .. louder than any race car pit . . . having been in several during our courtship . .. yep Mr. McSpeedy used to be in drag racing . .. go figure!!!

In order to get the full wild west experience (and to put some distance between us and the noise) I actually went in a SALOON and bellied up to the bar and had a beer!! Mother would be mortified . .. several times!!  This establishment had a lot of character and antique memorabilia in it . .. Mom would have liked that!!

And that my friends is the end of a VERY full day!!!



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  • Betty

    Ohhhhhh my goodness!! I have waited for an opportunity to sit down with tea and time to savour the stories in your adventures! We are now in Winnipeg, for Thanksgiving and it is a deliciously slow morning…….the perfect time to look, read and absorb the artistry and spirit of adventure in your postings!
    The Candy Fest photos made me quiver with excitement!!! I WOULD SOOOOO HAVE LOVED THAT EXPERIENCE!!! It would have been soooo hard to just pick one or two things to purchase! The purse that found it’s way into your bag is perfect for you! You will love it forever as it will remind you of this colourful experience!
    Your pictures are awesome…..the one of the blue flower/star lollipop made me want! The dragon fly pottery was so beautiful! But, the best one was the spirited, seasoned lady in purple and red!! Now, there looks like a life well lived!
    Thanks for the fantasy flight!!ReplyCancel

  • Lucille Lamb

    Looks amazing. I’d love to be at a market like that. My favourite is the the lovely lady in purple and red. That picture speaks a thousand words!ReplyCancel

  • lynnwood

    Wonderful experiences just thousands of people for the 2 day Genoa street festival, the whole town pulls together and this is their biggest money maker of the year. Out in Virginia City lots of cheering of the bikers and the ladies were enticed to loosen up a bit with a prize of a string of beads. Very hilly – there was a train to the lake and to Carson City which would have been nice to experience, but the tickets were a little difficult to get.ReplyCancel

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