Day 10 . . . . . Genoa, Carson City & Virginia City (was a bust)

Even for this northern Canadian girl, it was cold today, not to mention that we didn’t have the right clothes with us.  Headed up to Virginia City and just tucked my tail between my legs and came back. It was SNOWING for goodness sakes.  We will go back again, possibly tomorrow, as  it is a neat place to visit if you want to step back in time.

Stopped at Carson City on the way back to visit the Capitol.  It is unique because of its silver dome.  Everyone was super friendly and made us feel very welcome.  Of course my camera is always a topic of interest.

We did pay a visit to Genoa which is a mile from the resort.  One of the first communities established in 1851 in Nevada and has bragging rights to having  the oldest watering hole as well.  Many very interesting and famous people have paid a visit to that establishment.  Just love rural America and how the history is preserved.  They are having a huge candy fest there this weekend so we will be taking that in and that should provide for some unique photo opportunities.  The weather is supposed to be glorious. The car indicated the outside temperature ranged between 9C to 11C.  Nippy . .. especially when all you have is summer clothing with you.

Photos from today’s adventures . ..

Genoa . .. the little community about a mile from here . ..


Then on to Virginia City . .. a few photos . .. the white stuff on the 3 storey schoolhouse … that is SNOW . . .. that school at one time housed 1026 students . .. I believe the last class graduated from there in 1936 and then it fell into disrepair before being restored. . . . we did not go in . … too cold .. . . there is so much to see there and step back in time, but it needs to be WARMER.

Took the opportunity to visit the State Capitol Buildings and we went in, warmed up a bit, and took a peek at all the history.  The staff were fabulous.

Went to the Saloon at the Resort for a glass of wine and an appetizer. Loved the period decor.

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  • Betty

    Yikes!!…..Snow??….now that just sucks! Too bad it wasn’t warmer because there is clearly soooo much to see and explore!
    A Candy Festival!! OMG….that sounds so fun!!
    That Saloon looks warm and inviting!ReplyCancel

  • Lucille Lamb

    Cool – literally and figuratively

  • Michelle Krumm

    Definitely a step back in time; vivid colours too. Enjoy your stay!!ReplyCancel

  • lynnwood

    The bar in GENOA was neat I don’t think there was a square inch of space on the walls that wasn’t packed with photos and plaques.The ante room in the bar at 1862 had some very interesting artifacts saddles,pelts, tools, snowshoes,etc. In Virginia City the main street was kind of narrow and packed with cars and bikes. The sidewalks were just brimming with people it is supposed to have perhaps thousands of bikes there this weekend. ReplyCancel

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