Day 7 . .Jus’ Chillin’

Just hanging out today and catching some rays . . . have to come home with a bit of colour!!! Had a lovely omelette breakfast and then needed a morning nap . . . life is tough on vacation!! Lynn went and got the essentials for groceries . .. wine and cheese . . . and a few other things as well. Sat and had a glass of wine and just enjoyed the sun and the warmth.  Here are some snippets from the resort where we are staying.


Later on we drove to Lake Tahoe to catch the setting sun on the lake and take a peek at the countryside.  Having never been there before I didn’t quite know what to expect . .. was surprised at the ruggedness and the forestry . .. a bit of a cross between Jasper/Banff with a little Vegas thrown in as evidenced by the gambling casinos and the wedding chapels.  We were at elevations of 7334 and higher . .. a bit of a test for visiting Machu Pichu . .. .ended up with a severe headache so will be watching for that when we are in Peru.  Drove through some pretty windy roads with hairpin curves and a speed limit of 10 mph . . . and in my mind that was generous.  I didn’t say much but I was hangin’ on!!!


This photo was taken at a vistapoint just above Emerald Bay . .. think it would make a much better sunrise photo but I am not signing up for that drive again!!  Was aiming for sunset reflections but it just didn’t happen.  It is one HUGE lake.

Some photos from our drive around the lake and the various places we stopped.

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  • Betty Rudachyk

    Wine, cheese, breathtaking views, harrowing drives and each other to share it with….sounds like a perfect day, minus that nasty headache! Your photos are awesome!!ReplyCancel

  • Ana Rafaela Mendes Gomes

    Glad you’re safe and having a good time. You’d better check what you can take for your headache in Peru. Love you.ReplyCancel

  • The resort looks gorgeous.ReplyCancel

  • Lynnwood

    Thanks for doing thisReplyCancel

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