Day 5 . . . . . Redding, California and lots of rain

Soo the Manulife girls will be happy to hear that it is pouring rain here and a little on the cool side.  I may not have packed the right clothes and have to go shopping . . yuck! The hotel lobby is a photographer’s dream and so well done . .. so if you can’t take photos outside then you do it inside the hotel.


Lazy day today . . . long morning nap, coffee, more coffee with Amy . . .. and then dinner with Amy and her husband Dan. This topic brings me to a very reflective moment. The pursuit of photography has enriched my life in so many ways . . . it has stretched me mentally and physically . . . doing things to get “the shot” that I never would have considered otherwise. My Mother would be amazed . . . as I have never been what one would call an athlete by any stretch of the imagination!!

The other benefit, which in terms of life experiences that has been even more beneficial than keeping your mind crisp, is that it has brought very special people into my life that share the same passion. There is an instant bonding as you share your craft and your knowledge and learn from others that have paved the way for you. Today was one of those very special days . . . I was drawn to Amy in the beginning as I loved the style of her body of work . . . .soft, gentle, feminine and captured emotion like you were an observer peeking into private moments . . . today Amy and I got to meet in person for the first time. The visit was everything I expected and more . . . now there can always be nefarious characters on the internet, but I think the pursuit of photography weeds those out. What a blessing today was . . . have looked forward to this day for about a year now. Thanks to Zach and Jody Gray for providing the meeting ground for like minded souls!

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  • Betty Rudachyk

    How wonderful for you and Amy to not only meet, but to spend time getting to know and truly appreciate each other as women as well as artists! The rain sounds like it was a hidden blessing….slowed you down and allowed you to draw inward. A beautiful post, Carolyn!ReplyCancel

  • Carolyn Dykas

    A path is always behind the open door, just need to be brave enough to walk through it. You never knew , when you picked up the camera, what lay behind that door- sicess, failure, elation, frustration, joy,doldrums… all part of life and learning. The people we pick up along the way are more often than not there when you need picking up ! Lifestyle, ethnicity, age- doesn’t matter at all. xoxoxReplyCancel

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