Day 4 . . . . It was all about covered bridges, etc.

Soooo today was a very interesting day. After a wonderful breakfast and great visit with our hosts and the other guests, we headed out looking for the covered bridges. Wanted to introduce my new camera to them! Some were now fully restored and that was neat to see but Lynn advised me that if I wanted to visit them again it would not be with him. He sure knows how to be a killjoy.

Had coffee and lunch at this quaint little restaurant called Backstage which was also connected to a library. Just a really cool place to hang out. Love the charm of Cottage Grove and would suggest that everyone spend some time there rather than just drive through or past it.


Had no idea that taking the I-5 south that we would be doing some serious hill climbing. Got to an elevation of 4310 feet about a third of what it is at Cuzco and my ears were popping here. Wonder what they will do in Peru.

The drive south to Redding was really heavy rain most of the way which the Manulife girls will be really happy to read about cause they didn’t want to hear about the wonderful weather at all!

The heavy rain and lack of visibility made for some interesting conversation in the vehicle. Mostly because Mr. McLaidBack, aka Lynnwood, becomes Mr. McSpeedy and I had issues with that. Sooooo he finally suggested that whatever medication I had taken in the morning, I needed to have another dose of. Personally I thought it would have been handy to have some Valium in my luggage, but I didn’t.

At any rate we made it to Redding around 8:30 tonight and tomorrow I get to spend some time with Amy. She is a gifted photographer and I hope some of her rays bounce my way and I soak up a little of her magic.

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  • Betty

    It looks like your camera and the covered bridges got along beautifully! The library/coffee shop looks wonderfully inviting and your driving through the rain with some sparks in the car made me laugh!!ReplyCancel

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