Day 2 . . . Bound for the USA


Farewell to the grandkids and a relatively early start this morning.  Had to have coffee at Tim’s of course and then westward bound.  Had heard there was snow in the Coquihalla so very relieved not to see any!!  It really is majestic countryside.


Stopped at Hope to have a bite to eat and to visit the gorgeous park that is right in the centre of town.

The US border crossing was about a 5 minute wait and we were given a friendly welcome and off we went.  Drove through the small town of Lynden.  I just love driving around that little place . .. it has such charm.  Hit the I-5 and of course it is always incredibly busy especially the closer we got to Seattle.  Mrs Garmin . .. our GPS unit that Lynn frequently has heated discussions with . . . sent us on a merry chase through Seattle instead of bypassing it.  However, the silver lining in the cloud was that I got to see the wharf area again.  Just love the wharf area of any City . . . it was getting late, so didn’t prowl and take photos . .. will make that a separate trip one day. Here are some random photos of rural USA in Washington State.

Settled into our hotel and dinner was at Red Robin’s . . . off to Cottage Grove tomorrow to visit the covered bridges again.

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