South Again September 2013

Tuesday morning we leave for another road trip . . . . . yaaaaaay. We love road trips . .. to spend time with each other, to view the majesty of Nature and to take the roads less traveled . . . all form part of an epic journey for us. This time we are heading to points south . .. Lake Tahoe, Napa Valley, San Fran, Palm Dessert, and back to Vegas to capture some of the photos I didn’t get time to take last time and possibly take in a show and the Hoover Dam.

First stop . . .. for a free bed and breakfast at Michelle’s . . . always enjoy the drive to British Columbia . . . although I can pretty much guarantee that I am going to be catching a nap or two along the way.

Will be documenting the journey along the way with musings & mutterings and the odd photo.  Serves a two fold purpose . ..  I love journaling and then when we get home and it is time to create the travel book(s) the recollections are all there.


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