Jasmine & Tony are having a baby . …

. . . . . and it is going to be a little girl!!!

Tuesday will be Jasmine’s last day at the office so it was baby shower time on Friday.  It has been a long time since the office celebrated the arrival of a new baby, so it has been an exciting journey for all of us.  The boardroom was spiffed up with the bright pink accents . .. WHOA . .. that is a shock to the rather stately boardroom.

Then the food arrives . . . . Don admitted that it was his first baby shower . . he held up very well!!!

Some candids around the table . ..

We all pitched in and bought her a baby swing along with the much needed batteries . . . and we all hugely missed Lori who was there with us in spirit.   Wishing you Godspeed Lori.

And Jasmine, we can all hardly wait to meet your little girl.  She will be beautiful and you two will make great parents.

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