The Oval Office . . . President Truman style

We have now had the privilege of visiting two Presidential Libraries  of former Presidents.  They offer up so much information and house so much history that I am like a kid in a candy store when I go into one.

The Oval Office as it was during that President’s term is completely replicated down to the minutest detail.  They offer such an insight into how our culture has evolved.  The fact that 95% of Truman’s Presidency occurred since I have been born and can clearly remember the Cold War and the Berlin Airlift, makes it all the more relevant for me.

No matter what your political stripe, I would urge anyone within driving distance of a Presidential Library to take at least half a day and revisit your history.  I am Canadian and find this fascintating . . it must be even more powerful for American citizens.

I found it very interesting that there are only 13 Presidential Libraries that are run by the National Archives.  In order to have that support you must be willing to turn over every single document from your term . . ..  and, the libraries themselves cannot be built using public funding . . all the monies raised to erect these buildings comes from private sources.

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