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Harry and Bess Truman’s private residence in Independence, MO.

Everyone knows my love of history.  Last year we had the privilege of visiting a Presidential Library and this year we once again found ourselves near another one . … that of President Harry Truman whose library is located in Independence, MO.   What really made an impact is that most of  his term of office and the events of history that surrounded his term were in my lifetime and I actually remember them.

He became President on April 12, 1945 just 89 days into the fourth term of FDR.  The second World War was still going on and it was his decision to drop the atomic bombs on Japan, which stirred up a lot of controversy then, and is still being examined.  There is a book in the Library that guests sign and state their opinions . . reading through the back pages I found it very interesting that many Americans to this day disagree with the decision, and have many assorted reasons as to why.


Exterior of the Truman Library

Proposals for change in 1948

Evidence of the collateral damage of the Cold War

When I viewed the scorecard of the Fair Deal proposal for 1948, I was absolutely stunned, that on the eve of the Presidential Election of 2012, many of these issues are still hot and debatable topics . . .. 64 years later.

Inauguration Day

Chat between Truman and MacArthur before MacArthur was relieved of his duties

Statement written in 1948 and believe it or not are still hot topics in 2012

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