Quite a Departure . . . .

from my normal style of photography.  I actually love horses . . . have always felt that they are one of the most powerful, majestic creatures and have marveled at the emotional connection between a rider and his/her horse.  I know very little about the equestrian world of jumpers and hunters and dressage, so when an opportunity came up to go with Bonnie who shoots horse show competitions all the time, I literally leaped at it.  She was asked to photograph some horses that were going up for sale by Carousel Ridge Stable, just outside Sherwood Park.  They have the kind of stable you see on TV . it is  amazing and the people there made me feel so welcome.  I thoroughly enjoyed taking a peek behind the scenes of a working stable.

It was a wonderful afternoon spent with a friend and doing something I love . . photography.

Photos by Bonnie

She is a genius with a camera and the timing . . and trust me it is not easy to capture a jump at exactly the right time.  It is very definitely a highly skilled specialized form of photography.

Below are some of the photos I managed to capture . . .


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