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Another culinary adventure today  . . . I actually don’t go out for lunch that often, but lately have had several delightful experiences.  Today was a first time visit to the Cactus Club in West Edmonton.  Along with a long overdue visit which lasted until nearly 3:30 p.m., we had the most delicious lunch and the presentation was exquisite. I chose the shredded pork, coconut rice, finely chopped green onion with ginger, kimchee along with shoestring veggies all tucked into a lettuce leaf . . . soo fresh and tasty with just a hint of fire!   Having a huge collection of serving dishes, I am always curious about presentation and this one did not disappoint . . . love the oblong dishes with the ingredients laid out in gorgeous design . .  beautifully laid out.

Of course I was too weak to refuse dessert so this lovely chocolate and nut confection made its way in front of me . ..

Altogether, it was just a wonderful afternoon, catching up with a friend that I hadn’t seen for nearly a year.

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