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. . . . .  today has been a chillin`out day . . . processing some photos, reflecting on our amazing journey, and catching my breath from the frenetic pace we have been keeping. We visited Washington, DC last month . . . I fell in love with this City and I MUST go back […]

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  • 17da6468-232c-11e1-8019-000bcdcb2996

    What a trip! Not just DC, but all the other places you mentioned. I'm glad Lynn gave a "wow" at the Library… that is certainly an appropriate response upon walking in there the first time! So glad you got to glimpse the cathedral, too, even if just outside; I think I posted to you, if you get back here, look me up for a private tour of the building! Likewise, I'll drop a line if I'm headed to Canada—been awhile since I visited there, and have only been to two or three cities up there so far.ReplyCancel

  • Carolyn McIntosh

    I am so glad you understand the need to see it in person and breathe the same air . . a lot of people don't understand that. For me, it makes it all so much for real and gives me a sense of relativity.ReplyCancel

  • carolyn d

    I have found a certain depth of amazement in seeing history with my own eyes. It's one thing to see images/read articles in a book but another thing entirely to breath the same air. (the Lincolm Memorial was a last stop for me many years ago…. Abe and I finished my last beer of the evening as we watched the sun rise.. lol). DC is filled with so much to see.. I doubt your feet could have taken the week or so you'd need to do the city justice !ReplyCancel

. . . . that seeing a cactus would bring me great joy!!!   However, today, for me, they are symbolic of warmth and I haven’t been warm since the 29th of October when we left Williamsburg, Virginia.   My Manulife friends won’t believe this, as they call whatever room I am in the “menopause” room . […]

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  • carolyn d

    I'm feeling warm just looking which is nice since it's cool here today (not cold, mind you). Glad you've been able to put the winter woolies away.ReplyCancel

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